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Includes photo 

Size: 20x25cm

Limited print run


Title: Marcos Bonisson

Author: Marcos Bonisson

Publishing House: Carcara, São Paulo SP, Brasil

Year: 2023

ISBN: 978-85-93286-23-0


Publisher: Alaide Rocha

Editor: Carlo Cirenza

Text: Fernando Rios

Graphic Design: Marcelo Pallotta

Project Assistant: Katharina Pinheiro

English Version: Bruna Fontes


Software: Photoshop and InDesign

Typography: Bulo 


Printing house: Ipsis, Santo Andre, SP, Brasil

Printing equipment: Digital HP Indigo 10000

Book block size: 18x24 cm

Number of pages: 72


Cover cardboard: Masterblank linho LD 270g

Paper: FSC Couche Fosco 170g

Sewn signatures

Marcos Bonisson

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